Angelina Jolie Short Hair New Design 2021

Angelina Jolie Short Hair The cut is not only straightforward and requires minimal drying time. Another advantage is the variable styling. In no time at all, the Angelina Jolie Short Hair can be styled rock, elegant or romantic, depending on your mood or occasion. In summary: Angelina Jolie always works! For a short cut with thick hair, a great forward is ideal. With this styling, the advantages of thick hair are optimally emphasized.

Angelina Jolie Short Hair

The Angelina Jolie Short Hair is the bravest of all short hairstyles. The hair is shaved to 20mm (or less). More and more stars are reaching for the razor and dare to try the trendy hairstyle. For example, Kristen Stewart surprised her fans with radical change. But models like Cara Delevingne, Lina Hoss, and Cajsa Wessberg also show that the short cut is anything but androgynous, but a feminine haircut that screams for freedom.

For this very hard short haircut, you should definitely have soft and feminine facial features. Otherwise, you will look too boyish with the Angelina Jolie Short Hair. Women with a square face should therefore opt for a different hairstyle. The short cut particularly emphasizes oval face shapes and brings the face to the fore. Women with rounded face shapes should prefer a slightly longer variant not to make a face appear wider.