Anime Girl Short Black Hair * New Style 2020 2021

You can’t do much with Anime Girl Short Black Hair? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Curls and waves are also feasible with Anime Girl Short Black Hair. I’ll tell you how to do it.

It’s crazy. Girls who naturally have wavy hair straighten it every morning, and others get annoyed about straight and boring strands hanging down. It is likely to get even more complicated if the hair is straight, and as long as the chin – the desire for a few waves becomes even greater. If you feel like this and don’t want to wear the same hair look every day, I have three practical suggestions on how you can style Anime Girl Short Black Hair.

Anime Girl Short Black Hair * New Style 2020 2021

If you have chin-length to shoulder-length hair, then I recommend a stick that tapers downwards – i.e., cone-shaped. This allows you to wrap the hair around the rod exactly with your desired curl diameter. If you start at the thickest point and wind your hair down onto the rod, you will get beautiful, even waves. When buying, pay attention to the diameter of the curling iron at the thickest point. The shorter the hair, the thinner the stick should be – otherwise, the length of the hair is not enough to twist, and the ends of your hair would stick out wildly from the head.

If you already have a straightening iron at home, why not try this method to get curls or waves in your Anime Girl Short Black Hair. Since Anime Girl Short Black Hair cannot be laid from one side of the head to the other (so as not to disturb), you should first mark out individual hair sections. Then you take the first strand and clamp it in the straightening iron, “wind up” your hair, and pull off the straightening iron – done!

You repeat this step until all your hair is curled. In which direction you twist your hair is up to you. If you alternately twist one strand backward and one forwards, your hairstyle will not look like you just had curlers in it. Let the curls cool down well before you start the finish. You are, of course, not allowed to comb or brush your hair now. Just pull individual curls slightly apart with your fingers; this gives even more volume. For longer hold, fix with hairspray at the end.