Best Products for Short Hair Care

No matter my style of pixie cut (long bangs, short bangs, fauxhawk), these are my must-have styling products for pixies. And yes, I use them all.

Styling Products For 2a Wavy Hair

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Here comes the crucial part of your wavy hair life. We’ve selected the best products for 2a curly hair that every girl with such a texture should use to keep her hair in decent shape. Some of them are optional, and some of them are irreplaceable. See how to get the most out of 2a hair types!

Is American Crew Good?

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You have probably heard of such a product as Fiber form American Crew. But, is it really as good as everybody says? Actually, it is. This is a resinous product that reminds of fiber. It makes your hair fuller, thicker and more textured. While leaving your mane pliable, it will give your hairstyle a strong hold and a matte finish. It is perfect for short locks, around 1 to 3 inches long.

Styling products for short hair – wax

  • A hair wax – properties A wax boosts hair volume and gives the desired shape. It makes styling easier yet doesn’t fix a hairdo.
  • A hair wax – who is it for? Wax is recommended for dry and damaged hair. It works for curly, thick and permed hair, too. If your hair is prone to oiliness, don’t overuse the wax. It is a strongly-concentrated product.
  • A hair gum – properties Gums have a sticky and thick consistency so they are extremely flexible. A bit of a product is all it takes to tame the unruliest strands. There are two types of gums: mattifying and shine-boosting.
  • A hair gum – who is it for? Gums are suitable for all hair types, except oily hair. They may lead to an overburdened and flat hairdo.

What Products Should Men With Thick Hair Use?

If you’re on the hunt for men’s wavy hair products, definitely skip the volumizing mousse, for one. Thick, wavy hair men benefit from styling products that provide hold without adding volume or stickiness, so Winkler suggests stocking up on hair clays or hair pastes.

According to Paul Morgan, a master barber at Jacks of London, a good moisturizing shampoo is also essential, as is a decent conditioner. “They’ll stop hair drying out and keep it in good condition, which is important because if hair is dry the cuticles will remain open and it will seem even thicker and straw-like.”