How to Choose the Right Haircut for Your Face Shape

Once you have overcome the challenge of how much time it takes to grow long hair, you’ll discover that not all men’s long hairstyles take a lot of effort. From middle part to braids, there’s a whole world of long hairstyles for men out there, just waiting for you straight-haired guys to try. 

Did you know there’s a method to determine which side to part your hair on? Locate the cowlick, or spiral of hair, towards the top, back-side of the head. If the hair here grows clockwise, part your hair on the left. Counter-clockwise growth means a right-side part. Two cowlicks? You’re lucky enough to choose which version of this men’s long hairstyle suits you best.

How to Measure Your Face

Sure, you’ve probably got a builder’s tape measure knocking about somewhere, but good luck wrapping that rigid piece of metal around your head. To make things easier (and more accurate) arm yourself with a flexible tape measure, like the kind used by a tailor.

Then, grab a notebook and take the following measurements in front of a mirror, recording each as you go.

What is a Pompadour Haircut?

While the Madame’s was a sort of upstyle on acid, what we over the years have come to know and love as the pompadour haircut is, at its simplest, a style that calls for hair to be swept up and back over the head. The sides and back are combed neatly and kept close to the head while a sort of mound, or quiff, is constructed using the longer hair at the front.

If that sounds complicated, it’s not. Trust us, for a style created by a French mistress, the pompadour hairstyle is a lot more versatile than you might first think. There are so many variations on the style that it can be cut and tweaked to suit men of all ages, tastes and professional obligations. After all, what other style could work as well for men as disparate in their tastes as a footballer (Becks) and a film critic (the unfortunately named Mark Kermode)?

Haircuts For Round Faces

Circular with a rounded chin and no obvious lines or angles, a round face shape benefits from a haircut that lends it some definition. Whether you’ve got some extra baby fat and are looking for haircuts for chubby faces, or your face just lacks angles, consider one of these hairstyles to suit your face.

“If you’ve got a round face shape, think square,” says Stevens. “Since round faces have little in the way of natural angles, you need to create the illusion of structure with your hair. A style with height on the top that’s taken tight at the sides such as a pompadour or a flat top works well to add structure, as do front fringes.”


With an even shape all around the perimeter, the round face shape has a solid structure. Hairstyles that take away from the fuller parts of your face, like the cheeks, work best. Stay away from haircuts with one length as they can make the fullness of your face your focal feature. Layered hairstyles add breadth and depth to your face. Try out a short haircut with tapered ends.

Add subtle layers to your cut to help create the illusion of a longer face shape. Styles like waves and textured looks are ideal if you want take the attention away from your round face shape. To maintain your look, one of your go-to stylers should be a salt spray, like Bed Head By TIGI Queen Beach Salt Infused Texture Spray.