How To Do Short Blue Hair

As in fashion, the trends of the 2000s are currently returning on the head. A hairstyle that we are now excited about again: the inverted Short Blue Hair.

The Short Blue Hair is one of our all-time favorite hairstyles – and most of us have worn the haircut at some point in our lives. The great thing about the hairstyle trend: Even if it has now become a classic, the cut is always reinventing itself. Because there are always new Short Blue Hair variants, it never gets boring on your head.

A bob hairstyle that we currently particularly like: the inverted or inverted Short Blue Hair. On the one hand, the hairstyle looks stylish, on the other hand, it is easy to style and can be worn with both straight and wavy hair. Find out more reasons why we love hairstyles now and how to style them below.

How To Do Short Blue Hair

You can tell at first glance what makes an inverted bob. it’s short at the back and long at the front.The greater the difference in length between the front and back sections of the hair, the more distinctive the haircut will be. In order for the inverted Short Blue Hair to look right and not grow out, it should be trimmed regularly. A smooth transition from long to short is also important. Optionally, a few more layers can be set in the top hair so that the hair falls better. This looks great, especially with wavy hair.

Incidentally, an inverted Short Blue Hair is not completely new, in the mid-2000s it was already very popular. Fashion designer Victoria Beckham made him popular back then. What was very characteristic of him back then: a very voluminous back of the head. Today the asymmetrical bob is worn a little less voluminously but just as stylish.