How To Make Sims 4 Short Hair

How To Make Sims 4 Short Hair

Sims 4 Short Hair thick curling irons create big waves and curls, thin curling irons create tight, small curves. However, the thicker the curling iron, the faster you come up against a limit with Sims 4 Short Hair. The hair should at least create a short loop around the curling iron so that a usable curve created.

Curling iron with or without a clamp? Whether or not a curling iron should have a clamp is primarily a matter of personal preference and practice, and less a matter of Sims 4 Short Hair length. Hair length also plays a small role.

Sims 4 Short Hair

Advantage of a curling iron with clamp for  Short Hairstyle: Especially with short hair, the curling iron is always near the scalp and fingers. This is where a curling iron with a clamp shows its strengths. The ends of the hair fixed under the clamp and the stick slowly and carefully turned towards the scalp. One hand holds the stick, the other holds the cool tip in place. This minimizes the risk of burns.

The disadvantage of a curling iron with clamp for longer hair. This winding technique recommended for slightly longer hair for two reasons. First, the already sensitive hair tips exposed the longest to the strong heat and are unnecessarily stressed while the Sims 4 Short Hairstrand wound up. Secondly, with longer hair, the upper part of the strand in particular needs more heat, because at the top, the curves hang out the fastest due to the weight of the long hair.

Style Sims 4 Short Hair with a curling iron without a clamp: With a curling iron without a clamp. the strand of hair is wrapped around the hot curling iron with your free hand from the roots towards the ends of the Sims 4 Short Hairstyle. The risk of burns is great, especially on the back of the head. But if you have enough practice, you can use this technique very quickly. A heat protection glove can also protect against burns until you feel safe after enough practice.