Jihyo Short Hair * New 2021

Jihyo Short Hair If you want to tame your curls but do without the classic ponytail, a braided braid in the undone look like Jihyo Short Hair is exactly the right thing: For this, the hair is gathered at the nape of the neck and braided loosely – the curls always make the braid look a little wanted messy.

Jihyo Short Hair
The ideal Jihyo Short Hair for the red carpet: Rachel Bilson styles her hair into soft waves with large curlers. The top of the head remains smooth and is parted to the side. The lower ends of the hair are folded in and pinned from the inside – and the glamorous bob is ready.
Jihyo Short Hair is ideal for romantic updos, which look particularly feminine due to the hair structure. For Keira Knightley’s styling, the front section is braided in on the side. Then the hair is pinned up loosely at the back. Playful accessories such as the red flower tendril make the romantic look perfect.
Singer Taylor Swift styles her locks for the red carpet in a glamorous yet simple way: For the look, a wide strand of the front is twisted and tied in a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.