Kristen Stewart Short Hair *2020 New

Kristen Stewart Short Hair: In the past few years, Kristen Stewart‘s hair got shorter and shorter. There is nothing left of the long mane from “Twilight” today. The actress has parted with her brown bob and now presented her hair, which is only a few centimeters long, at a film premiere. In addition, she had it dyed platinum blonde by her hairdresser Bridget Brager. This wrote on her private Instagram account: “We tried something different.”

Kristen Stewart Short Hair’s variety of hairstyles proves its versatility. On the screen, for example, The actress embodied the suffering Bella in “Twilight Saga” with soft hair. Furthermore, she showed herself with a hairstyle blown by the warm road trip wind in Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road”. Then she acted as Olivier Assayas’ personal shopper with a sleek long bob – that means she always fascinates with a new look. But their versatility also inspires off the screen. Currently, Kristen Stewart Short Hair’s favorite hairstyle is wet to the sleek look, sometimes with curls or severely parted.

Kristen Stewart Short Hair

Undone style, braided creations, hair accessories, or bold hair colors like a platinum blonde! and lengths (buzz cut!) – Stewart’s hairstyles prove their versatility.

Away from the camera, her audience identifies her with designers like Nicolas Ghesquière and once Karl Lagerfeld, whom she hired as brand ambassadors – for example for the “Ombre Première” line from Chanel. Kristen Stewart Short Hair knows how to put herself in the limelight – her changing hairstyles are one of her trademarks. It is currently the sleek look that suits her best. A hair laid on the weight that seems fresh from the shower.