Long Hair Vs Short Hair Style *** 2021 Compare

Long Hair Vs Short Hair
for this tough Long Hair Vs Short Hair, you should definitely have soft and feminine facial features. Otherwise, you will look too boyish with the buzz cut. Women with a square face should therefore opt for a different hairstyle. The buzz cut particularly emphasizes oval face shapes and brings the face to the fore. Women with rounded face shapes should prefer a slightly longer variant not to make a face appear wider.

The buzz cut is a super uncomplicated hairstyle. You don’t need a hairdryer, straightening iron, or other styling products. It is sufficient to clean the Long Hair Vs Short Hair with shampoo or tame flat hairs with a little water. It would be best to take good care of your scalp when making the buzz cut because the short hairs make dandruff more visible. You also have to protect your scalp from too much sun exposure in summer. A sunburn on your head is anything but pleasant.

Admittedly, you have to get used to this trend. Previously ridiculed as a “pot cut,” the bowl cut is now more than just a haircut – it makes a statement for openness and strength. The hallmark of this Long Hair Vs Short Hair is the relatively straight cut around the head. The bangs can fall straight or be styled to the side. Usually, the hair ends at the level of the ears.