Short Hair Korean *** New Design 2021

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Short Hair Korean
is worn chin-length, but it can also be shorter. In the 1920s, this Short Hair Korean celebrated its debut in the fashion industry with the so-called “Garcon cut.” It is a short version of the bob in which the hair only reached the earlobe, and the straight bangs were worn relatively short.

The bob is a classic Short Hair Korean and absolutely timeless. The bob’s nice thing is: There is a suitable cut for every hair structure and face shape. Any woman can really wear Bob! Here you will find many styling ideas for the bob. Styling this Short Hair Korean can be super diverse and exciting. From the wavy messy bob to the classic sleek look, you can let off steam when styling your bob. We have selected lovely styles for you that you should try out right away.

Short Hair Korean *** New Design 2021

If you want to stand out, this extravagant Short Hair Korean is for you. However, in professional terms, especially in combination with unusual colors, it is not suitable for everyone. Therefore you should think carefully about this step beforehand. The undercut is a mixture of long hair and a short hairstyle. As with many trends, the undercut is not a reinvention.

The cut has its origin in the 80s and 90s in the punk scene. Rihanna and Miley Cirus are probably the best-known reasons why this style has become suitable for the red carpet. In this hairstyle, the top hair is longer than the lower hair. A special form of the undercut is the sidecut. In this short hairstyle, one side of the parting is shaved off as a rasp.

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