Short Hair Maine Coon *** NEW

Short Hair Maine Coon: The most original breeds of cats are the Short Hair Maine Coon. Except for their short fur, the breeds of this type have little in common. The advantage of this is that there is the right cat for every taste. The shorthair cat we know best is the European Shorthair. This is certainly due to the fact that many domestic cats are mistakenly listed as European Shorthair cats. The most popular is the British Shorthair and Short Hair Maine Coon.
Anyone who thinks that a short-haired cat is the same as a Short Hair Maine Coon is deceiving. Even if the fur is the same length, it is completely different in texture, color, and pattern from breed to breed. There are also clear differences in body size: from the Singapura, the smallest breed, to the Savannah weighing 12 kilograms, everything is represented.

Short Hair Maine Coon


For “beginners” who live in an apartment and only want to keep one cat, the gentle and cozy Short Hair Maine Coon is the right cat breed. A Savannah that urgently needs a freewheel would be discouraged in this case. If you would like to teach your cat tricks through clicker training, then you are well-advised with a Bengal, a Siam, or a Burma. However, they also have their own mind and try to enforce it again and again. By the way, Burma likes it when there is a lot going on around them and is therefore ideally suited as a family cat. The exact opposite of this is the Russian Blue, which is rather reluctant to be too busy around it. With a Siamese cat, you bring a very people-oriented and social companion into your home. She loves.


All breeds that are not listed here can be found among the longhair cats and the semi- longhair cats.