Tips for Maintaining Healthy Short Hair

by: @lauranslane

I hear so many discussions about short hair styles – from the maintenance, to whether or not to remain natural with a short cut, to how “short” one should go. I’ve been a “short hair, don’t care” enthusiast since my high school years, with NO plans on changing, and I’m here to share with you just how I care for my own hair in between salon visits, or whether I visit the salon or not! FYI: I am also a relaxer enthusiast, so I’m all for a good relaxer!

Consider taking supplements

Gutierrez also suggests incorporating supplements into your diet, especially for the long-term benefits of maintaining strong, healthy, and dense hair. Remember, just because you don’t think you need to take care of it now, the time will come down the road. And that road becomes a lot steadier and longer if you are proactive about hair and scalp health.

If hair loss is of particular concern, you’ll want to talk to your board-certified dermatologist, to weigh the benefits of any clinical prescriptions versus those of natural-sourced supplements. Many hair-loss prescriptions and even some supplements can interfere with hormone levels, so it’s necessary to ingest them under the supervision of a doctor.

Why taking care of your hair is essential?

Everyone wants to look their best. But it is not just what you eat, how much you exercise and when you go to bed. Your hair plays a vital role in your overall appearance. Perhaps more importantly than how your hair looks is how you take care of it. Taking care of your hair may have a very simple, comprehensive solution but is not always as easy in practice.

We’re all looking to look good and feel great, but it’s not just about how much you work out or how healthy you eat. It is also about taking care of your hair. Taking care of your hair may seem like a simple task, but it isn’t always that easy.

Go for a style that’s going to work with your hair type

You want a style which is easy to work with, given your hair texture and the way it falls.  The more you have to manipulate it each morning, the more effort and time it will take.

A key feature of the Melissa Timperley Salons approach is the consultation time we build into each appointment.  This gives us a chance to assess your hair type and condition and find out more about

Develop a healthy hair routine

While you might think hair is hair no matter the length, shorter hair needs its own set of products. Use a custom blend of products that work specifically for short hair to maintain the style. Maintaining a good shampoo and conditioner routine is important because even though the hair is short, it still needs to be kept healthy and shiny. Shampoo and condition hair as usual, and we suggest using an argan oil-based styling product to keep hair soft, manageable and looking great. Also be sure to condition on a daily basis to keep hair from looking dry.

You might not realize it but your scalp should get the same attention you give the rest of your skin. Just like dead skin and pore-clogging debris can build up on your face, your scalp can get weighed down, too. Build-up on your scalp can mean flakes, dryness and irritation (no thanks!). Think about adding an exfoliating scalp treatment to your short hair care routine. These treatments are great, as they serve as a facial for the hair and stimulate the scalp.